5-Part Video Series:
5 Tips to Lower Your Blood Sugars NATURALLY


*How keeping a food diary will help identify "problem" foods that spike blood sugars (hint: they're NOT always what you think they are)
*How to interpret and compare food labels to find the most "blood sugar friendly" products
*How to use one simple new habit to reduce cravings and snacking
*How to add a big daily serving of blood sugar-balancing chlorophyll without overdosing on greens
*How a simple "trick" at bedtime can lower morning fasting blood sugars
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VIDEO #1: How to Be a Food Diary Detective

VIDEO #2: How to Compare Food Labels

VIDEO #3: How to Reduce Between-Meal Cravings

VIDEO #4: How to Use Chlorophyll to Help Balance Blood Sugars

VIDEO 5: How to Lower Fasting Blood Sugars


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