Sampling from my new Children of the Chakras course

Dec 19, 2018

This clip from the first lesson of my new course, Children of the Chakras: A Return to Health and Self Love, explains what's covered in each of the seven lessons.

Click on this link for more info on the course: Children of the Chakras.

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Video transcript:

In each lesson we'll introduce the spiritual truth of the chakra we're exploring.

Next we'll talk about the color that's associated with and supports healing energy with that chakra.

We'll then talk about the thoughts and emotions we may experience concerning the spiritual truth and how they relate to having an open chakra – one where energy is flowing freely – or a closed chakra – one where energy is stuck and not flowing.

We'll talk about the location of each of the chakras in the body and the physical body parts that are within each chakra. We'll look at possible physical conditions that can be caused by having a closed chakra and I'll give you some clinical examples I've worked with.

In each of the lessons we'll do an exercise where I'll encourage you to look within yourself to allow the child within to speak freely about what she believes about her spiritual truth. When we allow those "children of the chakras" to come out of the shadows and be acknowledged and nurtured, it's the beginning of real healing.

I'll close with some tools and tips you can use to help get the energy flowing freely in your body, such as the use of essential oils, positive affirmations, and other exercises...


Be sure to use the coupon code CHAKRAS on the check out page to save an additional $10! Coupon code EXPIRES 12/21/18.


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