The Door's Open–Will You Fly Free?

Feb 05, 2019

Sometimes in that early morning time between sleep and awakening I get my clearest flashes of insight. Maybe that’s when my egoic mind is least likely to get in the way of Divine inspiration.

The other morning I awoke to a vision of a bird cage with the door of the cage open. As I reflected on the image, I realized that the cage represented the limitations on how we live our lives.

The bars of the cage represent our perceptions of what other people think of us. We’re often bound by the opinions of others–what we perceive as their judgments or criticisms of us. We live in fear of disappointing people or of being misunderstood. And as long as we focus on what others think of us, it keeps us in that cage of limitations.

What gives the bars of the cage strength is our own feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness. We don’t trust in our own abilities and we look to others to validate us and our choices.

In fact, we come to identify who we truly are with...

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Conditions That Affect Weight Loss

Jan 30, 2019

Doing everything "right" but still having trouble losing weight? Here's a quick overview of some conditions that can interfere with weight loss.

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Video transcript:

Hi! I'm Dr Tina Marcantel.

In my years of clinical experience I've had quite a number of people who are eating well and they're exercising and they can't seem to lose or maintain their weight.

Well, this led me to explore conditions that may interfere with our weight loss. Let me give you a quick overview of some of those conditions.

Hypothyroidism is an under active thyroid. It slows our metabolism and thus causes weight gain. We can do a simple blood thyroid testing for this to confirm it.

Also, estrogen dominance. Estrogen hormones in meat and xenoestrogens
in our environment, such as plastics, cause too much estrogen build up and it causes that estrogen to be high in ratio to progesterone, thus causing inflammation and fluid retention. We can...

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try this healthful, delicious banana-chocolate shake

Jan 22, 2019

 Try this healthful banana-chocolate shake for a cool treat!

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Video transcript:

Hi! I'm Dr. Tina Marcantel and I have a great recipe for you today for a banana chocolate shake.

Let's talk about the ingredients first:

*3/4 cups cold water
*6 oz. of frozen bananas (that usually equals 1 1/2 to 2 bananas)
*one tbsp of unsweetened cocoa
*a few drops of stevia

Blend and enjoy!

Okay, here's how simple it is: we put our 3/4 cup of cold water in here, we put our 6 oz of frozen bananas. I'm going to put a few drops of stevia. You can use plain stevia or chocolate--either one of them is going to be really good. Put that in there with one tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa. Let's blend that up, quick and easy.

And here we go. Look at that consistency. Perfect! Delicious.

Now, what I do sometimes is, if I want a little bit...

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Factors That Can Cause Weight Fluctuations

Jan 16, 2019

Many factors can cause weight fluctuations. Don't get hung up on the scale when you're on a weight loss program!

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Video transcript:

Hi, I'm Dr. Tina Marcantel.

As we begin the new year, many of us are starting on weight loss programs. I'd like to offer a couple of tips that might help you along the way.

There can be many factors that cause our weight to fluctuate. When we're in stress we release cortisol hormones. It's a fat-storing hormone and it can cause weight gain.

Another one is temperatures can cause fluctuations in our weight. For instance, in the summer it's hot and we retain fluid. Also, salt–too much salt can equal fluid retention.

And yet another factor that can cause fluctuations in our weight is hormones. Hormones can fluctuate the weight, such as with estrogen dominance or a thyroid condition.

So, a recommendation that I have is...

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Should I Start a New Exercise Program When Losing Weight?

Jan 10, 2019

Starting a new, rigorous exercise program can actually sabotage your weight loss goals! In this video, I explain why.

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Video transcript:

Hi Everybody! Happy New Year!

I'm Dr Tina Marcantel and I have a few tips for you for a happy YOU year.

If you're starting a weight loss program, don't sabotage your intentions by increasing your exercise with it.

There's reason for this. The biochemistry is that when we decrease weight and that when we're increasing our exercise it can be a stress on the body and the stress hormone released is cortisol.

Cortisol is a fat-storing hormone.

I've had quite a number of clinical examples where people come in and they say, "Dr Marcantel, I'm...

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Make Room for Spiritual Downloads

Dec 27, 2018

As we close out 2018 and look ahead to the new year, many of us are lining up our resolutions, setting goals, and making plans.

That's all great, BUT I've found that for me overthinking things can lead to worry and fear and overwhelm. 

Planning is necessary if we're going to lead an intentional life, but it's also easy to get into the mind trap of "What if?" What if I make the wrong decisions? What if things don't go according to plan?

One day as I was thinking ahead about changes that were coming in my life, I became aware of certain thoughts that were causing fear. I knew that I needed to spend some quiet time alone so I could release those worries and allow peace to come back into my soul.

As I sat quietly in my back yard and let the “mind chatter” subside, I received a comforting inspiration: we are all equipped with a GPS system! We are Guided, Protected, Provided for, and Supported by Divine order.

With that idea came the knowledge that everything was...

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Sampling from my new Children of the Chakras course

Dec 19, 2018

This clip from the first lesson of my new course, Children of the Chakras: A Return to Health and Self Love, explains what's covered in each of the seven lessons.

Click on this link for more info on the course: Children of the Chakras.

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Video transcript:

In each lesson we'll introduce the spiritual truth of the chakra we're exploring.

Next we'll talk about the color that's associated with and supports healing energy with that chakra.

We'll then talk about the thoughts and emotions we may experience concerning the spiritual truth and how they relate to having an open chakra – one where energy is flowing freely – or a closed chakra – one where energy is stuck and not flowing.

We'll talk about the location of each of the chakras in the body and the physical body parts that are within...

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Mood Disorders and Vitamin D Deficiency

Dec 17, 2018

Depression and other mood disorders can be linked to a Vitamin D deficiency.


Let's talk today about vitamin D and its effects on our body.

Vitamin D affects our mood, it affects our immune system, it affects our sleep, and it affects calcium absorption. Calcium absorption is important for strong bones and teeth.

Our bodies need sunlight in order for our bodies to make vitamin D. I like to check vitamin D3 levels when the person has had a low exposure to sunlight or they may live in an area that's overcast.

There is something called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in which the person experiences fatigue, poor concentration, loss of interest in life, and even carbohydrate cravings and weight gain.

I like to do an annual blood test of vitamin D3 on all of my patients. Research shows having a vitamin D level below 20 ng/mL may raise our risk for depression by as much as 85%, compared to having a vitamin D level greater than 30. The optimal vitamin D3 level should be...

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Check out my new introductory course on the chakras

Dec 12, 2018

“The body keeps score and it always wins.” – Brene Brown

Do you struggle with a recurring physical problem?

Have you sought treatment for that problem but have never been able to get to the root cause?

Would you like an easy-to-follow explanation of how each of the chakras (energy centers) affects both your physical and emotional well being?

When you understand how your energy works and how it affects your body, you can use simple self-healing techniques to improve your physical and emotional health. Examples of some of the chronic health problems that may stem from blocked energy are:

*Weight problems
*Adrenal fatigue
*Thyroid problems
*PMS and other reproductive organs issues
*Bronchitis and other lung problems
*Foot and leg pain
…and many more

In my new video mini-course, Children of the Chakras: A Return to Health and Self-Loveyou’ll learn:

*Tips and Tools for self-healing...

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Appreciation, gratitude, thanksgiving–what's the difference?

Nov 29, 2018

Did you ever consider the differences among “appreciation,” “gratitude,” and “thanksgiving”? Here are a few thoughts on the subject and a heartfelt Happy Holidays from Dr. Marcantel.

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I'm wishing you and yours a happy holiday season! We just finished Thanksgiving and it made me ponder on the words "appreciation," "gratitude," and "thanksgiving."

Appreciation is valuing yourself and valuing others. Gratitude is the state of being appreciative. Thanksgiving is expressing that appreciation for others.

So I want to encourage you, as I have encouraged myself, to VALUE yourself and others, to BE that appreciation in this world, and to EXPRESS that appreciation to others.

This is the change that the world so desperately needs now. Be the change by being appreciative, having gratitude, and expressing your thanksgiving.

Much love to you and your family on this holiday...

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