Thanksgiving, hope, and peace

Nov 22, 2018

 A plaque hanging in my kitchen says, “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.”

A dear friend gave me the sign several years ago and it is prominently displayed in my home to remind me every day to reflect on the many blessings I have in my life.

Frankly, I need that prompt sometimes because there is often so much negativity surrounding us that it’s easy to lose sight of the good. I also know that it is an “attitude of gratitude” that will give birth to the positive changes I’d like to see in my life.

Too often we think, “I’ll be thankful and at peace when such-and-such changes.” Ironically, the negative thoughts we’re harboring—fear, ingratitude, bitterness, feelings of unworthiness—may actually cause us to resist the positive changes we want.

Rather than seeing thanksgiving as something to be put off until we get something in the future, try thinking of gratitude as the starting...

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How Vitamin B Can Keep You Awake at Night

Nov 08, 2018

Find out how one of my readers solved her sleep problem with a very simple fix after watching my vlog, "Are You Overdosing on Food Supplements?"

Do YOU have a story you can share with us about overdoing it with supplements? We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below!


About four weeks ago I put out a blog on the subject of overdosing on food supplements–our vitamins and minerals.

We talked about some of the signs and symptoms of overdosing on supplements, such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability. For some people the root cause of these signs and symptoms may be overdosing on supplements.

There are simple tests you can do to check your blood levels and cellular levels of vitamins and minerals. You may want to look into that.

I received an email from Linda in response to our blog and it was a really good one. Let me read it to you.

Linda says, “Turns out I also was getting to much B vitamins. After hearing this post I immediately cut my...

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What Is Energy Medicine and How Can It Help?

Oct 30, 2018

A Q&A with Dr T

Q: What is “energy medicine”?

Dr. Tina: The term “energy medicine” covers a wide range of therapies that work with the energy systems that are present in the body. Depending on the healing tradition you’re talking about, these systems and the energy associated with them have different names.

In traditional Chinese medicine it’s called qi (chi); in ayurvedic medicine it’s called prana and it’s said to be centered in various energy centers in the body called chakras. Working with this energy to help people with both emotional and physical problems has been common practice for thousands of years.

Acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) are just a few of the many modalities that are used in energy medicine.

Q: What does energy have to do with my physical symptoms?

Dr. Tina: We are flesh and blood and bone, but we're also spiritual,...

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Zap Those Thoughts That Aren't Serving You!

Oct 23, 2018

by Dr. Tina Marcantel

Have you ever seen a bug zapper? You probably know what I mean—one of those lights you hang in the back yard that has an electrified screen around it.

When I was meditating the other day, that’s the image I got concerning controlling the negative thoughts that try to sneak into our minds. And the great thing about this tool is that it takes almost no effort! Let me explain.

As I fill my mind with thoughts of light and love and I connect with the Higher Power within me, that light shines brighter and brighter in my mind.

How do I do that? By consciously choosing to think and act on positive ideas and thoughts. For instance, I keep a gratitude journal and actually write down all the things I’m grateful for.

I also love using positive affirmations to help me keep my mind focused on the life I want to create for myself.

I’ve written before about trying to control my thoughts in my article, “What Was I...

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The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Oct 12, 2018

by Peter Marcantel

“He ruined my life.”
“I’ve tried to forgive her, but I just can’t!”
“That person doesn’t deserve my forgiveness.”
“I’ll never forget what they did to me.”

If any of these phrases sound like things you may have said to yourself or to others, you’re certainly not alone.

All of us tend to carry a certain amount of unforgiveness toward others in our hearts. What we often don’t stop to consider is what that unforgiveness is costing us, and the price of that grudge in terms of our health can be surprisingly high.

Holistic healing is about getting to the root causes of physical problems. Sometimes those root causes may lie in genetic tendencies we’ve inherited or in the foods we’re eating.

Very often, though, root causes can be traced back to emotional and energetic issues that need to be dealt with before long-term healing can take place. Those issues may be things that...

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Are You Overdosing on Food Supplements?

Oct 05, 2018


When it comes to food and vitamin supplements, you can certainly get "too much of a good thing."

Find out how one of my patients got off her anti-anxiety medications just by cutting back on her supplements!


Are you overdosing on your food supplements?

“Alice” came into my office with signs of irritability, anxiety, headaches, and insomnia. Her physician had put her on an antianxiety medication. They had run a lot of different tests and couldn’t figure out why she was having so much anxiety.

She also had a very strong odor to her urine and all the tests ruled out a urinary tract infection. So she was very confused about what was going on.

She came into my office and we sat down and did a thorough history together. And then the pulled out a large shopping bag of supplements.

She was trying her best to take care of herself, but she was actually overdosing on supplements. We laid everything out and we navigated through the process and I helped her...

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The Health Benefits of Flaxseed

Sep 27, 2018

Flax seed is a great addition to almost anyone's diet. Find out why here!

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Hope Offers Clarity in the Midst of the Storm

Sep 21, 2018

by Dr Tina Marcantel

Looking out from my patio at the foot of the Superstition Mountains, the Valley of the Sun stretches out before me. On a clear day I can see the cities of the metroplex: Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler to the southwest, Apache Junction, Tempe, and Phoenix to the west, Scottsdale to the northwest. Beyond the cities are the mountain ranges that define the boundaries of the valley. But this evening I see none of these.

Strong winds have whipped across the southern Arizona desert and have brought with them a thick cloud of dust that blankets the valley. Visibility is probably less than a half mile right now, and the haze obscures the familiar cities and mountains. It’s a bit unnerving to look out at a wall of dust instead of a clear and beautiful landscape, but reason—and hope—tell me that soon the dust storm will pass, the cloud will dissipate, and clarity will return.

Clarity is a comforting thing. There are times when I can clearly see what...

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What Was I Thinking?

Sep 14, 2018

by Dr. Tina Marcantel

By becoming more aware of your thoughts, you can choose to identify with those that serve you best. 

We all have thoughts constantly going through our minds. Some of those thoughts serve us well, but there are others that we need to let go of. The thoughts that we identify with form the basis of our belief system, and our belief system governs our behavior patterns.

As an example, I might be going through my day and everything is going fine. Then I interact with a person who is unhappy about something and they make a negative comment about me. The thought might come into my head, “That person thinks I’m not good enough.” If I hold that thought long enough in my head and actually become identified with it, I’ll soon start to believe that’s who I really am—an inadequate person. Once that thought becomes part of my belief system, that will become part of my behavior pattern and I may find myself...

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Aug 29, 2018

On September 5, 2018, we're going to be going live with our new Transforming Diabetes Naturally Workshop. This is a FREE 4-video series that's packed with information! Pre-register by clicking the link below so we can send you the link as soon as it's available!

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