Where Is "Feel Better" on Your Priority List?

Apr 30, 2019

Most of us live pretty busy lives. A typical list of responsibilities for the people I meet might include

*caring for young (or even adult) children

*caring for a spouse

*caring for an aging parent

*providing emotional support for friends and family members

*working at a job and a career

*working as a volunteer for various charities

…and the list goes on. Sound familiar? But do you notice an important item that is not on the list? What about “caring for MYSELF”?

If you didn’t think of that one, don’t feel bad; it’s an item many people don’t include. We often get so caught up in the busy-ness of life and in making sure everyone around us is provided for that we neglect to take time for our own personal well being. The problem with that attitude, of course, is that when we sacrifice our own physical and emotional health we are no longer able to effectively help those around us.

As a healthcare provider, I see this story repeated on...

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Appreciation, gratitude, thanksgiving–what's the difference?

Nov 29, 2018

Did you ever consider the differences among “appreciation,” “gratitude,” and “thanksgiving”? Here are a few thoughts on the subject and a heartfelt Happy Holidays from Dr. Marcantel.

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I'm wishing you and yours a happy holiday season! We just finished Thanksgiving and it made me ponder on the words "appreciation," "gratitude," and "thanksgiving."

Appreciation is valuing yourself and valuing others. Gratitude is the state of being appreciative. Thanksgiving is expressing that appreciation for others.

So I want to encourage you, as I have encouraged myself, to VALUE yourself and others, to BE that appreciation in this world, and to EXPRESS that appreciation to others.

This is the change that the world so desperately needs now. Be the change by being appreciative, having gratitude, and expressing your thanksgiving.

Much love to you and your family on this holiday...

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Thanksgiving, hope, and peace

Nov 22, 2018

 A plaque hanging in my kitchen says, “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.”

A dear friend gave me the sign several years ago and it is prominently displayed in my home to remind me every day to reflect on the many blessings I have in my life.

Frankly, I need that prompt sometimes because there is often so much negativity surrounding us that it’s easy to lose sight of the good. I also know that it is an “attitude of gratitude” that will give birth to the positive changes I’d like to see in my life.

Too often we think, “I’ll be thankful and at peace when such-and-such changes.” Ironically, the negative thoughts we’re harboring—fear, ingratitude, bitterness, feelings of unworthiness—may actually cause us to resist the positive changes we want.

Rather than seeing thanksgiving as something to be put off until we get something in the future, try thinking of gratitude as the starting...

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Who's Driving Your Car Today?

Jul 20, 2018

Don't let your egoic mind and fear take you for a ride today!

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Wound Care for the Soul

Jul 06, 2018


Each day we have to make choices about who we perceive ourselves to be. Removing negative self-images can lead to healing of both the mind AND the body!

To experience the inner healing we're seeking, we sometimes have to look for the "infection" that's holding us back...

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