heal your chakras, heal your body

Discover in this introductory mini-course how blocked energy can be the root cause of physical problems and empower yourself with healing techniques you can start applying today.


“The body keeps score and it always wins.” – Brene Brown

Do you struggle with a recurring physical problem? Have you sought treatment for that problem but have never been able to get to the root cause? Would you like an easy-to-follow explanation of how each of the chakras (energy centers) affects both your physical and emotional well being?

Our bodies are made of flesh and blood and bone, but we’re also made of energy. Our thoughts are energy, our emotions are energy, our spirit is energy, and our physical body is energy. We can measure energy in the brain with an EEG machine and we measure energy in the heart with an EKG machine.

When you understand how your energy works and how it affects your body, you can use simple self-healing techniques to improve your physical and emotional health. Examples of some of the chronic health problems that may stem from blocked energy are:

*Weight problems

*Adrenal fatigue

*Thyroid problems

*PMS and other reproductive organs issues

*Bronchitis and other lung problems

*Foot and leg pain

* …and many more


In the 7-part video course, Children of the Chakras: A Return to Health and Self-Love, you’ll learn:

*Tips and Tools for self-healing practices to change your energy and change your life!

*The location of each of the chakras in the body and the related organ systems it affects.

*Physical signs and symptoms that may be related to blocked energy in the chakras.

*The “spiritual truth” associated with each chakra and why it is so important to your physical and emotional health.

*How to connect with your inner “Children of the Chakras” to uncover suppressed negative energy and thoughts and emotions that may prevent you from moving forward with your life.

*Clinical examples of patients I’ve worked with who used self-healing energy techniques to improve their physical health.


About Dr. Tina Marcantel

Tina Marcantel is a licensed naturopathic doctor and registered nurse with over 30 years of clinical experience. She has published over 100 health-related articles and videos and is author of the book, Imagine: A Whole Different Kind of Medical Care.


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