Transforming Diabetes Naturally


EMPOWER Yourself

Learn how food affects your brain chemistry and hormones and how you can apply this to lose weight, lower blood sugars, and feel better fast! 


A fun and effective approach in which Dr. Marcantel invites you into her kitchen to present food ideas, menus, and recipes that will catapult you into a whole new lifestyle of health, balance, and vitality!

Energize Yourself

Understand the spirit-mind-body connection that helps you identify and address root causes and maintain health.

"We bought the course because my husband had been told by his PCP that he's pre-diabetic...The course was really well laid out, simple to navigate, and very interesting. My husband has already lost 13 pounds...We both feel good from this way of eating and plan to continue it!"

Debbie K.

"I felt very frustrated and incapacitated because of not knowing how to deal with my diabetes. Since starting with Dr. Marcantel's program I feel more empowered by the information Dr. Marcantel has given me and in control of my diabetes. In 2 1/2 months my Hemoglobin A1C dropped from 6.4 to 5.9, my triglycerides from 371 to 183, and my cholesterol from 266 to 172! I’ve also decreased my oral diabetic medication... "

Teresa C.

"I was taking glipizide twice a day, and on the medication my daily [fasting blood sugar] numbers hovered a little under 150. Within a month of enrolling in Dr. Marcantel’s program for diabetics I no longer needed medication. My numbers without medication now hovered at 100 and below! (And my primary care physician concurred.) The message is clear: if you’re interested in living a wholesome, drug-free life, listen to what Dr. Marcantel says. She’s changing my life for the better."

Lee B.

"I was not receiving guidance from my clinic physician on specific methods to control and reduce the effects of my diabetes, other than continuation of medication.... My physical condition and my attitude towards my diabetes have improved dramatically with Dr. Marcantel’s advice and guidance. My results of the initial 12 weeks of following her program: Weight loss: 25+ pounds Morning blood sugar readings reduced from a range of 188-232  to 99-126 After evening meal blood sugar readings reduced from a range of 87-212  to 82-124 Hemoglobin A1C reduced from 9.9 on to 7.4 Glucose reduced from a high of 255 to a high of 131. "

Henri V.A.

"By the end of the first month I had energy, I felt no depression, and I was excited about the new foods and the new recipes I could create….I am proud to say that in three short months my Hemoglobin A1c went from a starting point of 11.3 to 5.4 (which is amazing!). Three months after that my Hemoglobin A1c was 5.5! … I have lost weight, too, and my cholesterol has dropped, as well as my triglycerides. I began an exercise program… I now use a treadmill and do from 2-3 miles on that each day and ride a recumbent bike for a mile. I feel fantastic! "

Jackie F.

"Before I started with Dr. Marcantel I was borderline diabetic…Within the second to third week I started to see huge changes. I was starting to lose inches and I was feeling more energetic. My blood sugars have decreased and it’s made me feel so much better and livelier…It totally has reset my whole system!"

Angela W.

Here's How We'll Supply the KNOWLEDGE, GUIDANCE, AND SUPPORT You Need!

The entire Transforming Diabetes Naturally Master Class containing FOUR MODULES consisting of videos, articles, and downloadable files will be available to you immediately. 


MODULE 1 –  What You Don't Know About Diabetes (and never thought to ask)

*Find out how certain foods block weight loss AND trigger hormones that mess with your mind!

*Try a quick tip to lower your fasting blood sugars.

*Learn how to talk with your doctor about blood tests and medications.

*Learn why yeast infections are common when you have high blood sugars, and what you can do about them!  

*Find out about nutritional supplements that can help balance blood sugars and restore energy.

*Get an in-depth understanding of the real causes and effects of high blood sugars.

*Get the facts on what causes insulin resistance and how that condition leads to high blood sugars.

*Find out why insulin resistance leads to a lack of energy and motivation.

*Discover WHY high blood sugars can lead to major organ damage and poor circulation.

*...and more!


MODULE 2 – Dr. M's Meal Plan (for diabetics–and everybody else!)

*Take a "virtual shopping trip" with Dr. Marcantel to discover dozens of diabetic-friendly prepared foods for those times you don't have time to cook.

*Get a step-by-step meal plan that will help you balance your blood sugars and lose weight.

*Find out the one simple "trick" to help reduce between-meal cravings.

*Download PDF tools to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. 

*Get tips on reading nutritional labels to help with choosing the best foods for your shopping cart.

*Learn why you should NOT start a vigorous exercise program when you are starting a new way of eating.

*...and more!


MODULE 3 – Creativity in the Kitchen

*Join Dr. Marcantel in her kitchen as she prepares sample breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus you can easily make.

*Discover which foods are high in omega-3 fatty acids to improve brain function.

*Improve your immune system with foods high in vitamin C.

*Discover a "secret food" that is packed with B vitamins.

*Learn why "fiber is your friend" and which fiber-rich foods can help balance your blood sugars.

*Discover why you probably need more magnesium if you are insulin resistant.

*Understand the true meaning of the phrase "your food is your medicine."

*Enjoy more food preparation bonus videos.

*...and more!


MODULE 4 – Beyond the Basics: Discover Root Causes of Diabetes to Maintain Long-Term Health

*Learn why an understanding of the body/mind/spirit connection is so important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

*Get an introduction to how the energy in our body affects our physical health.

*Release old thought patterns that can hold you back from true healing and well-being.

*Embrace the "attitude of gratitude" to help maintain a healthy mind and body.

*Get tips for staying on track in "social eating" situations.

...and more!

Our NUMBER ONE GOAL is to help you get a successful start on a lifetime path toward balanced blood sugars and better health!



 *Four modules with over 50 information-packed lessons 

*A complete, easy-to-follow meal plan with menu plans, shopping suggestions, and recipes you can use for life

*One full year's access to the entire program from your time of purchase so you can revisit all of the lessons as often as you like!



You have a full 14 days from your time of purchase to see if the TDN program is right for you. If you determine that it isn't, just let me know and we'll gladly refund your money. Simple. No hassles.





Mitch N.


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